The latest news on Israel and the Middle East, including:A man’s struggle to be his true self and his faithBizarre and shocking stories about the occupation in GazaA young man in Germany faces a difficult decision to marry his boyfriend at the age of 26; how his life changed in the midst of a wave of violenceMourners attend the funeral of a Palestinian woman killed by Israeli forces during a protest in the West Bank village of Jalazoun, north of Nablus on July 25, 2019, AFP The Israeli army and settlers fired more than 60 live rounds at a group of Palestinians protesting near Hebron on Thursday, wounding a child and wounding four others.

At least six Palestinians were killed, according to local officials, and hundreds more were injured.

In a video posted to YouTube, a Palestinian man can be seen being hit by a tear gas canister in the back. 

A Palestinian woman, who was not identified, told Al Jazeera that the crowd began to attack her after she and others attempted to stop Israeli soldiers from firing live ammunition into the crowd.

A Palestinian demonstrator, who spoke to Al Jazeera from the nearby Gaza border crossing with Egypt, told the news channel that Israeli forces had fired live ammunition on her and her family after they tried to stop the Israeli soldiers.

“It was raining bullets on them,” she said.

“They shot at us, fired live rounds, threw them towards us.

They fired tear gas, which we tried to extinguish with water bottles, but they didn’t care about us, they just kept shooting.”‘

It’s too dangerous’: A Palestinian boy and his father sit outside the Israeli-occupied Gush Etzion settlement, in the occupied West Bank, on July 24, 2019  (Reuters: Saad Hariri)The man who spoke on condition of anonymity said that while he and his family were not involved in the incident, the Israeli army “fired a lot of live rounds” in the area.

“It was too dangerous.

It was a very dangerous situation,” he said.

Israel’s Channel 2 said that the army’s spokesman Lt Col Peter Lerner said that Palestinians in the village were attempting to protect their property. 

“This is the first time in years that Palestinians were not allowed to enter their village, he said, according on Al Jazeera.”

We want to ask the Israeli authorities to stop this violence and to take measures to protect civilians and soldiers,” he added.

The soldier said that in the wake of the Israeli attack, “we have a few things to tell the families of the children, including to give them food, medicine and clothing”.

In a statement, the Palestinian Authority said that “in response to the attacks, the families will be given a choice between sheltering in the open and living under occupation, or they will be offered a shelter by the authorities. 

We appeal to the Israeli Government to immediately release all the children in Gaza, including the children of the soldier.

“On Thursday, the UN Human Rights Council also expressed concern over the killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza by Israeli soldiers in recent weeks. 

According to the Council’s spokesman Rupert Colville, Israel “should immediately stop all military operations against Palestinian civilians and should release all children held by Israeli authorities”.

Palestinian children hold a placard during a demonstration demanding the release of Palestinian children, in Gaza City, on August 5, 2020, following the killing on August 4 of four Israeli soldiers by Palestinian gunmen.(AFP/File)The Council said the Israeli military’s “inhumane and disproportionate” attacks against Palestinians in Gaza were “the latest in a series of violations against the civilian population and civilian infrastructure”.

It called on the Israeli government to immediately lift the siege imposed on Gaza.

The council said that Israel’s “continued use of violence against civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip violates international humanitarian law and breaches the Geneva Conventions, as well as the United Nations Charter.”