A new trailer from Warner Bros. and CBS has revealed a second series of “Star Wars” films in development.

The trailers show an entirely new cast and a much younger crew, though it seems like it might be a couple years before we see any of the first films in the series.

The new “Star Trek” film series, “Star Beyond,” is being developed by the same production team as the first “StarWars” films.

“StarBeyond” is the name of a new movie series that was originally planned for the “StarTrek” universe.

It will follow the adventures of a young crew of explorers.

A new cast member will join the crew, which includes John Cho, Dax Shepard, and Anton Yelchin.

There’s also an untitled sequel, “The Wounded,” being developed in parallel to “Star beyond.”

The original “Star wars” series has been in development since the 1970s, and the first movie, “Episode IV: A New Hope,” was released in 1977.

The first “Darth Vader” movie was released back in 2005.

In recent years, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the “Trekverse,” a series of films set in the universe created by J.J. Abrams and Peter Mayhew.

The idea is to make all of the films in a series that would run for five movies, instead of the current three.

That’s something the “Vader” movies have been doing for years, with Abrams and Mayhew overseeing the first two movies.

Abrams also developed a “Star-Trek: Discovery” TV series, and a rebooted “Star Fleet” TV show, but they were all cancelled after three seasons.

The next “Trekkies” movie series, which is already in the works, is expected to come out next year.

The most recent “Star” TV film series was in development for years before it was canceled.

The second “Starring” TV movie series has also been in the pipeline, but that movie will likely be a spinoff of the new “Trekies” series.

So far, there hasn’t been a “Treks” movie that has a clear direction in terms of the characters, though a sequel has been rumored for years.

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