In an age where we are obsessed with technology and social media, the number of people who can draw an original work of art is growing by the day.

But who are the best and brightest creative minds in Australia right now?

The answers are an eclectic mix of young creatives, artists, musicians and the most famous names in the arts.1.

Mark Zebroff, artist and writer Mark Zabroff was born and raised in Australia and grew up in Melbourne.

After attending Melbourne University he was able to work as an intern in the creative arts department of a major Sydney university before joining his current employer, Harper Collins.

Zebrod has written a novel, won the inaugural Sydney Writers’ Prize, and appeared in an award-winning documentary.2.

Kate O’Neill, artist Kate O�Neill has an impressive body of work, from her book The Last of Us, to her work with Disney.

She’s won numerous awards and her first novel, The Last Time, was nominated for the Sydney Independent Book Award.3.

Sam Hinkley, musician and musician Sam Hinksley was born in the US and grew his musical career in Australia, including stints with the legendary Flying Burrito Brothers.

He now lives in the country where he grew up and has performed at a number of events including the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Opera House and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.4.

Mark Latham, illustrator Mark Lathsons first work as a cartoonist was done in the 1980s when he was only 18.

He then moved to England and continued to draw cartoons and write for various magazines.5.

Nick DeLeon, musician Nick DeLeons first music career was in the 1970s and he now performs live in Australia.

He recently released his fourth album, Love on Wheels, which has been featured on the ABC, The Music Box, and has also been released on iTunes.6.

Robyn O’Dwyer, musician Robyn is the author of six children’s books, including the new book, Mummy: A Story of My Family, Children, and Mummy.

She is also an award winning illustrator.7.

James Nelms, author of The Story of the Moon, James Nelsons latest book, is a graphic novel about the life of a young astronaut.

It tells the story of his life in space and he has also created a documentary.8.

John Waters, songwriter and producer John Waters has been working in the film and music industry for more than 20 years and has collaborated with a number pop stars including Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and Bruno Mars.9.

Jamie O’Brien, writer and illustrator Jamie O”Brien was born to a Scottish-Irish family in Ireland.

She moved to Australia when she was 18 to pursue a degree in art.

She has written over 50 children’s and adult books, which she is currently editing.10.

David Parnell, writer, director and illustrnt David Pannell, the author and editor of The Black Hole, has been a writer for over 40 years.

He was inspired to write by his experiences in the trenches with the Royal Australian Navy.

He has published more than 500 books, and is currently working on a sequel to his book, The Black Heart.11.

Nick Bostrom, philosopher, science writer and blogger Nick Boudreau was born on the same day as Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr.

He studied philosophy and political science at the University of Oxford before taking up the job as a philosopher.

His books include The Universe is a Computer, the Big Bang, and The Big Sleep.12.

Mark Lawrence, actor Mark Lawrence has been known for his roles in films such as My Fair Lady, The Princess Bride, and the TV series Star Trek.

He also wrote the TV screenplay for Doctor Who and has appeared on the big screen as the title character in the hit BBC series The Adventures of Tom Baker.13.

Chris Brown, rapper Chris Brown was born Chris Brown in London.

After studying film and television, he made his first major breakthrough when he appeared on a stage in Sydney in 2009.

His second hit was 2013’s Black Messiah, which featured on MTV’s Rockstar series.14.

Jason Blum, writer Jason Blums work as the creative director of VH1’s “American Idol” and he is known for working with some of the biggest names in music, such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Beyoncé.15.

David Byrne, musician, actor and writer David Byrne is a musician who has written and performed his own songs.

He is currently writing a novel called A Day in the Life, and he was recently nominated for a prestigious Australian Book Award for Best New Writer.16.

David Tennant, actor David Tennants most recent film role was in The Theory of Everything, which was released in the UK on July 24.

His latest novel is The Man Who Wasn