Bay Entertainment near me (BES) is a fully licensed entertainment venue located on the north side of St. George’s Green, at the intersection of George Street and the Riverbank Road.

It is owned by Bay Entertainment Group, a leading global entertainment and hospitality company, which is based in Singapore.

We offer a full range of entertainment including: live entertainment, family events, theatre, music, live theatre and sports.

It also has restaurants and bars, and is the venue for our award-winning theatre productions.

BES is a family owned and operated venue and offers all of our guests a great experience.

The BES main attraction is the Bay Music Hall which is located on site and hosts our award winning theatre productions, which are filmed on location in the Bay.

We are open daily, 7am-10pm.

Our main event is the BES Live Music and Art Series which is a free event that features live performances and musical performances by artists from around the world.

It features some of the best performing artists from across the globe and is a great way for guests to meet their favourite artists.

There are also many events on the calendar, including our annual Music & Art Festival which includes music, arts, art and crafts.

The Bay Entertainment Suite features a variety of suites, which offer a number of different experiences, such as a lounge, theatre room, private lounge, bar, dance floor, theatre and more.

It can also be booked to entertain guests with music, theatre or other special events.

There is a bar, cafe and private dining area located on-site.

For a more detailed tour of BES, please visit our BES site at or call 03 9265 4232.