AUSTRALIAN TV entertainment firm bento box has entered the Australian market, announcing plans to launch its first Australian streaming TV service on Thursday.

The company, which has been working with a handful of channels and TV networks to launch a TV streaming service in Australia, says it is aiming to compete with the likes of SBS and Fox.

In a statement to The Sydney Morning Herald, Bento box said it was excited to be launching its first live TV streaming content and is looking forward to competing with the major Australian broadcasters.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with SBS, Fox, Channel Ten and many others to bring our unique brand of Australian TV to audiences around the world,” Bento TV CEO Mark Wilson said.

“Bento Box is an international brand that is uniquely positioned to be a leading provider of live TV content in Australia and around the globe.”

Our live TV platform is the future of Australian broadcasting and our goal is to deliver high-quality and exclusive live TV programming to Australian audiences.

“The Australian network will be able to access the Bento service, which is based on the popular app BentoBox and will provide access to its content in HD, in English and Mandarin.

Bento box’s TV streaming platform will include local channels, news, sports, comedy and documentary content.

It will also offer exclusive access to international programming.

Bento Box says its new Australian service will be similar to other US-based TV streaming services.

It has previously said it plans to roll out the Benton Box app in the US.”

The Bentobox TV streaming app is built on the same technology as the Bentos online video service,” the company said.

Benton Box said its Australian service is expected to launch in the next few weeks.