The first of two documentaries to explore the history of Big Fish entertainment will be made in partnership with RTE.RTE and Big Fish will film the documentary on the island of Ireland and will broadcast it on RTE channels starting next week.

In an interview with RMT last week, Big Fish producer, John O’Donovan, said that he hoped to make the documentary “to help people understand what Big Fish are and what they are all about”.

“They’re all about the arts and culture.

We have a passion for that, and a passion to help people learn about the world of Big Food and what it can be like.

We wanted to help with the documentary and we wanted to make it as authentic as possible,” Mr O’Donnell said.”

It’s a celebration of the island’s rich history, and I hope people will come away with a deeper appreciation of the Irish people.”

In a statement, RTE said it was delighted to partner with Big Fish.

“We are thrilled to be able to share this exciting documentary with Irish audiences, which is the first of its kind and a great opportunity to learn more about the island and the history that has inspired the Irish islanders who are so proud of it,” said RTE CEO, Martin Griffiths.

“The documentary will give us the opportunity to understand how Big Fish have made the Irish experience into a unique cultural and culinary experience that is still relevant to today.”

Its great to see Irish film makers sharing the Big Fish story with Irish audience, and its great to work with RTA and BigFish to make this documentary, which will be available on RTA platforms next week.