Mumbai: The Golden Wonder festival of lights will kick off this weekend in the city, which has been buzzing with anticipation over its new role as the centre of the nation’s electronic music scene.

The festival, which is slated to be held from August 26 to 27, will feature the likes of DJ Jai Jammer and Swedish duo Jai Wolf, as well as artists like Krewella and Kool G Rap.

The main event is expected to feature some of the biggest names in electronic music, such as Swedish house producer Bully, and producers such as Jai Jai, Krewell and Krewesz.

The event is also expected to draw attention to the growing number of international artists attending the festival, such the likes and names of which are being discussed on social media.

The festival is also known for its large number of local artists, who are often in the spotlight and are not always seen in the mainstream music scene in the country.

With the number of electronic music artists attending festivals increasing in recent years, there are a number of festival organisers that have been pushing for the festival to be a bigger draw, to make it more of a showcase for their artists.

Many of them, including Viva Records, have also been promoting the festival on their social media channels.

The promoters have been offering to book artists for the weekend, which could make the event a more lucrative one for artists, which can help boost attendance figures.

The organisers have also released a list of all the artists who will be appearing at the festival and also booked them for the following dates:Thursday, August 26, 9 pm: DJ Jain, Jai jammer, DJ Janko, Janku and Kajak (DJ Janki)Friday, August 27, 8 pm: Krewello, Jang-Doo and Krizz Kaliko (Krizz)Saturday, August 28, 8:30 pm: Skrillex, Jain and Jankosz (DJ Krizzy)Sunday, August 29, 8pm: Katt, M.I.A. and Zedd (Migos)Tickets to the festival go on sale at 9am on Friday, and on sale to the public at 8am on Saturday, with prices starting from ₹20,000 (Rs 10,000) to ₨30,000.

Tickets will also be available for those who have booked their tickets for the night.

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