3.14 pm: Ananda Jha has been released on bail in connection with the alleged fake-out of the film ‘Bolo the Entertainment’ with actor Anand Subramanian.

Jha, who is currently in police custody, is accused of duping Anand and his company Ananda Entertainment into giving the film rights to the Beeboi family, which had no role in the production of the production.

Jha, a native of Pune, had been living in a Pune-based posh residential building since February.

He was arrested on Tuesday.

She was booked under section 295-C of the IPC, which deals with “knowing, possessing, receiving or producing fake documents to defraud”.

The alleged scam is alleged to have taken place in March this year.

A team of four alleged members from Beebi Entertainment approached Jha and Anand on January 23, 2019, in a hotel room in Pune’s Tughlaq Nagar area.

The accused allegedly gave the accused the fake documents in exchange for a cash payment of Rs 10 lakh.

Jho has been remanded to police custody till March 31, 2019.

Anand, the actor who was to play the lead role in ‘Boola the Musical’, has been booked under sections 4 and 5 of the IT Act, which deal with the production and distribution of fake documents.

The film’s producer, Akshay Singh, has also been arrested.

Jhalav, who also plays Beebu, has been charged under section 10 of the Act.

The film’s production company, Beebiyogi, has not commented.