Disney Infinity has made its way to theaters, and with it the release of a new set of Marvel Avengers movie night trailers.

This set includes the trailer for Age of Extinction, the first of the Avengers movie nights.

The trailers will premiere at 8:00 PM ET on Disney Channel and the Disney Channel app, and Disney Channel will air the entire series beginning at 9:00 pm ET.

Age of Ultima, the third Avengers movienight trailer, premiered at 9 pm ET on April 14.

The rest of the Marvel movie night trailer sets will debut at 8 pm ET and 9 pm.

Here are the rest of Disney Infinity movie night set release dates: May 19: Avengers: Infinity War, The Avengers: The Age of Infinity, Avengers: Ultron, Avengers Vs.

Infinity, Age of the Guardians, The Winter Soldier, The Defenders, Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2, The Punisher, The Inhumans, The Amazing Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Avengers vs. X-Men, The Hulk, Thor, The X-Force, The Guardians of The Galaxy, and The Avengers Avengers: Avengers vs X-men (video) May 26: Avengers Avengers vs Avengers: Winter Soldier (video), Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Woman, Thor: Ragnarok, Thor 2, Thor 3, and Guardians of Thor: The Dark World (video).

May 27: Avengers The Winter War (video release), The Avengers (video trailer), Guardians of America, Avengers, Captain Americas: Civil Wars, Avengers Unite, The Captain, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agents of SHIELD, Avengers Academy, Agents Of SHIELD: First Class, Agents OF SHIELD (video, Avengers Forever), Agents of Asgard, Agents Inhuman, Agents Vol.

1, Agents in Space, Agents X-Files, Avengers Vol.

3, Agents, Avengers Infinity War (special edition), Agents Inhumans (special Edition), Agents: Infinity Wars, Agents Incorporated, Agents vs. S.A.T.O.R., Avengers: Defenders of S-H-I-E-V.U.S.R. (video special edition), Avengers: War for the Planet of the Apes (video exclusive), Avengers Assemble, Avengers First Order, Captain American, Agents Marvel, Captain Universe, Avengers Assembled, Avengers 2, Avengers 3, Avengers 4, Avengers 5, Agents Avengers (film), Agents Avengers 2: War Machine, Agents 3: Rise of Ultron, Agents Agents 5: Rise Of Ultron, Guardians Of The Galaxy: First Order (film, Avengers 7), Guardians Of the Galaxy (film exclusive), Agents The Avengers, Agents: The Mighty Avengers, Guardians Inhumans: Agents of the Attilan, Guardians Infinity War: Infinity Stones, Guardians Guardians, Guardians 2, Guardians: Winter Solider, Agents The Mighty, Agents 4, Agents 5, Avengers A.I., Agents Avengers 4: War Of The Planet Of The Apes, Agents 2: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Agents Thor: Avengers, Avengers Avengers 3: War For Earth, Agents Agent X, Agents Ant-Man & The Wasp, Agents 6: The End, Agents 10, Agents 8, Agents 7, Agents 9, Agents 20, Agents 1, Avengers Black Widow, Agents Hawkeye, Agents Daredevil, Agents Spider-Woman, Agents Black Panther: Defenders, Agents Infinity, Agents Civil War: War On Infinity, Guardians Iron Man 3, Guardians 4, Guardians 5, Guardians 6, Agents A.A., Agents 3, Marvel’s Avengers, and Agents of M.O., Iron Man 4, and Marvel’s Guardians of Ultron (movie) May 30: Agents: Age Of Ultron (video movie), Agents 3.5: Rise Against, Agents Guardians, Agents Iron Man 2, Agents Captain America 2, Marvel Avengers (special), Agents Agent 007, Agents 008, Agents 11, Agents 12, Agents 13, Agents 14, Agents 15, Agents 16, Agents 17, Agents 18, Agents 19, Agents 21, Agents 22, Agents 23, Agents 24, Agents 25, Agents 26, Agents 27, Agents 28, Agents 29, Agents 30, Agents 31, Agents 32, Agents 33, Agents 34, Agents 35, Agents 36, Agents 37, Agents 38, Agents 39, Agents 40, Agents 41, Agents 42, Agents 43, Agents 44, Agents 45, Agents 46, Agents 47, Agents 48, Agents 49, Agents 50, Agents 51, Agents 52, Agents 53, Agents 54, Agents 55, Agents 56, Agents 57, Agents 58, Agents 59, Agents 60, Agents 61, Agents 62, Agents 63, Agents 64, Agents 65, Agents 66, Agents 67, Agents 68, Agents 69, Agents 70,