New York Times bestselling author Michael Hastings is out on the road promoting his new book, Get Me the Money.

His book was the top selling novel on Amazon in March, and it was also the bestselling book in all of the U.S. last year.

Hastings also is a frequent guest on Fox News Channel, where he and his wife, actress and former President Jill Biden, have been guests on the show.

Hastings says he has been surprised at how much he has received for his book, which was released in March.

“I never expected to get this much publicity for this book, let alone in a way that has a major impact on the economy,” he says.

“It has a big impact on everything from the way people think about the book, how they’re looking at the book.

Hastings’ book has been a hit with fans, as well as the public. “

The book itself is one of the most important things that I’ve ever written.”

Hastings’ book has been a hit with fans, as well as the public.

In the last week alone, he has spoken at the annual Book Expo in Las Vegas, and the book has become a national topic on Twitter.

“You know how the best book is when it hits the top of Amazon, because people are searching for that book and they’re going to spend more money on it than anything else?

That’s how I feel about this book,” Hastings says.

Hastings, who is the author of the new book Get Me The Money, has been an outspoken critic of the federal government and its actions during the 2016 presidential election.

He believes that Donald Trump is unfairly accused of lying about his connections to Russia, and he has suggested that he would have supported him if he had been the Republican nominee.

Hastings believes that the book will be a “wake up call” to the U-S-A.

He also believes that, as President, Trump could take the same approach as President Trump, and that the country will benefit.

Hastings recently launched a website,, which has become the go-to resource for anyone who wants to read about the politics of the book and its impact.

“People are asking, ‘Where are the protests?’

And, ‘Who are the whistleblowers?'”

Hastings says of the recent protests.

“And the protests are happening right now, and I’m not sure the answer is, ‘What do you want?

You want the book to be released to the world and people to read?’

I don’t think that’s what’s happening.”