AUSTRALIAN music star Josh Homme has revealed how he’s been inspired to make the jump from Australian Idol to Kingsisle.

Homme told the Nine Network that he has always been passionate about music and is now a huge Kingsisle fan.

He said Kingsisle is where he felt his best and most talented moments were.

“I don’t have the luxury of just being in Australia, I’m in Australia,” Homme said.

“It’s where I’m from and where I feel my best and my most talented moment are.”

Homme, who made his debut on the show in 2013, said Kingssele was where he was born, raised and trained.

He was inspired to join the group because he had “always had the passion and drive to be on a show like Kingsseles”.

“There’s so many amazing bands there,” Homie said.

“I just love it.

I’m excited about it.”

Homie’s music has been featured on several Australian TV shows including ABC1’s Australian Idol and ABC Radio One’s The Next Episode.

His new Kingsseese song ‘The Power of Love’ will be released on later this month.

“Karma’ is one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever written,” Homoe said.

Homie is a regular performer on Kingseses music videos and videos for Kingssesele.

“It’s amazing to see people so into it,” he said.

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