A black movie starring Black Swan’s lead actress and Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Latoya Jones, is now being distributed in theaters nationwide, after a controversial backlash from the Black Lives Matter movement.

The movie, titled Black Swan, follows the story that led to the killing of Martin Luther, Jr. in Florida in 2012.

It tells the story about a young black man who became an unwitting pawn in a scheme that involved an organized gang of white supremacists.

The film also stars Oscar-winning actress, Lena Dunham.

Black Swan was a hit in the African-American community and earned praise from critics, with the Los Angeles Times describing it as a “strong and challenging work.”

Jones has said the film is not about racism, but is about the way racism has changed since the death of Martin.

Jones said the movie is not just about race, but also about “the way the media and the academy treat black artists.”

Black Swan is a new project from the Oscar- and Emmy-nominee producer Sam Brinkley and director Andrew Dominik.

The project is the latest addition to Brinkly’s Black Swan Pictures, which includes the Black Swan remake of the 2009 film and the Oscar nominee and Emmy nominee American Hustle.

The studio is also producing Black Swan with director Josh Singer and producers Tessa Thompson and Nick Landa.

The first two films were released in theaters in late 2017 and early 2018.

The Oscar-winner and Emmy winner also produced and produced Black Swan and has a long history in the industry.

Black, who also stars in the Black Panther franchise, is set to appear in the film as a character called “Brick.”

It is unclear how many theaters have purchased Black Swan.

Jones, who plays a woman named Bessie in the movie, said she’s not sure how many tickets she has bought for Black Swan so far.

She told The Associated Press she expects it to sell out.

Black Star will also be released in November 2019, according to the studio.

The Black Swan director is also working on another movie.

Jones will be playing the title role of Angela, who was killed by a black mob in 2015 in Chicago, according the AP.

Blackstar has not been announced yet.