Caesar’s casino in Las Vegas, which opened on April 1, will become the site of the world’s biggest sporting event this summer.

The city’s iconic strip is expected to draw about 1 million people to its streets, where it will host three games, including the NBA finals between the Warriors and the Lakers.

The arena will be the largest in the world to host an NBA Finals.

Casinos have long hosted NBA finals games in Las “s, and the NBA, which is headquartered in Las, has been hosting NBA finals for decades, including when the Warriors won the NBA title in 1984.

But the NBA has traditionally stayed out of sports events, preferring to focus on other sports like football and baseball.

There is a possibility the NBA could bring its two most popular franchises to Las Vegas.

The NBA announced on Wednesday that it will bring the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers to Las with the Las Vegas team to be known as the Las Palms Clippers.

The team has already won the 2017 NBA championship.

Las Vegas will be a major sports city with the NBA having played its games in St Louis since 2002, and its NBA team has a strong following around the world.

In Las Vegas the NBA Finals games will be held in a retractable roof arena, with about two-thirds of the arena being used for basketball games.

It is estimated that about 1.5 million people will come to the arena to watch the NBA games.

For the NBA and the Las-Palms Clippers, the games are scheduled for the start of the NBA All-Star weekend on June 3.