Today, the new iPad Pro and new Apple Watch are all available for purchase and are set to make it easier to watch live TV.

But if you’re looking to get your hands on a new AppleTV set-top box, there’s still no shortage of great shows and movies on demand.

Here are a few of our favourites.1.

The Big Bang TheoryThe new Apple iPad Pro, now available at a whopping $799 for a 64GB model, is the first tablet to support Apple’s new “Big Bang Theory” television series, a mash-up of sitcoms, family comedies and science fiction.

The show is set in the year 2024 and features all-new characters including a new member of the family: The Big Boob.2.

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead, the second season of AMC’s hit series, is coming to Apple TV in November.

It follows a group of survivors and their guide Rick Grimes and his group of friends, as they make their way through the apocalypse.

The show is a perfect entry point into the popular AMC series.

The characters and setting are just as engaging as the main cast and will make the perfect introduction to AppleTV’s new feature.3.

Sherlock: A Crown of ThornsThe second season in the new Sherlock TV series is the fifth in the series, following the first three seasons.

It takes place in the Victorian era and focuses on the search for the real murderer.

The first season of the show is packed with great characters and plot twists.

The second season focuses on how the series is progressing, including the return of a missing character, Watson, and the return to Sherlock’s old digs.4.

The DefendersThe first three episodes of The Defenders will be available to watch on Apple TV later this month.

Based on the Marvel comics, the show follows a small group of superpowered people who have a secret mission to find the missing members of their superteam.

The episodes are set on Earth, but the action takes place on the moon, where the characters are forced to work together in a bid to stop the threat of The Avengers from destroying Earth.5.

The AmericansThe new season of The Americans has been released on AppleTV.

The series, written by series creator Beau Willimon, centers on a group called the Team, which is formed when a terrorist group called The Hand attacks the US, killing the president.

It is the only show on Apple’s streaming service to feature a new character every episode, and it has a strong presence in the US.6.

Doctor WhoThe Doctor Who episode “The Dalek Invasion” will be coming to the Apple TV at some point this year.

The story focuses on two young boys who are separated when a spaceship crashes in their area of space.

They are forced together when a mysterious alien entity emerges and orders the destruction of their universe.7.

House of CardsHouse of Cards, the fourth season of Netflix’s hit drama series, was the most popular original series on Apple TVs last year.

It will be released to the streaming service in November, and will focus on the characters who are affected by the Brexit vote.8.

The BlacklistThe Netflix original series The Black List is the most-watched series on Netflix.

It tells the story of the FBI’s investigations into the murder of a high-ranking US politician.

It stars Martin Freeman as an FBI agent, and stars Tatiana Maslany as the lead character.9.

The Middle The second part of Netflix series The Middle is set to debut on Apple in November and features a new cast of characters, including a high school teacher who has to protect her students from a mysterious, supernatural killer.10.

The OriginalsThe Netflix series, created by Justin Roiland and executive produced by Bryan Fuller, is set on the TV series The Origins.

The premise is that a boy named Alex is kidnapped by a mysterious woman and has to work to return to his home world of Australia.

He finds himself a new family in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.