Google is looking to create a way for people who do not have an internet connection to listen via the internet without paying for it.

The company, which is currently in talks with Indian broadcasters over a deal for the right to broadcast the programme on their networks, wants to use a similar method to pay people to listen in the form of a subscription, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Under the scheme, people who subscribe to Google’s service can listen to programmes from its content library on demand.

If they want to change the channel, they can simply choose the right channel in the subscription menu.

Google has already shown a service that lets people listen to YouTube videos through a Google TV subscription, but has been hesitant to expand the service to other services, saying that it would require regulatory approval from regulators.

It has not said when it plans to launch such a service in India.

Google’s services have long been criticised by consumers for being expensive and cumbersome, which some say hinders people from using the internet and makes it more difficult to use the social network.