It’s time to get back to watching your favorite show on your favorite platform.

Netflix, for instance, has a subscription that gives you access to all of your shows in HD for $9.99 a month.

Amazon Prime Video has access to a selection of its content on-demand, including shows from Netflix, HBO and Showtime.

Apple TV, which has a streaming service with over 10 million channels, also has access.

The difference is that Apple TV doesn’t have a subscription.

This is because Apple’s streaming service has no subscription fee.

The Apple TV app is a bit more complicated to use and there are a few different ways to watch content.

There are also some caveats and restrictions that apply to streaming, but these can be worked around by adjusting your streaming settings.

Here’s how to stream your favorite Netflix shows to your Apple TV.1.

Set up a streaming box and watch your Netflix shows with your Apple device.2.

Select the Netflix app on your Apple television.3.

Tap the green button in the upper right corner and choose the ‘Access to content on Apple TV’ option.4.

Once you have that option selected, tap the green ‘View content’ button in a separate window.5.

To stream to your TV, open the Apple TV settings app on the Mac and tap ‘Settings’.6.

On the ‘General’ page, scroll down and select ‘Streaming on AppleTV’.7.

On ‘Video’ page you should see a stream button in blue and an option for ‘Allow streaming to AppleTV with an AppleTV Remote’.8.

Tap that button and a stream will begin.9.

Once your TV is streaming, tap ‘Watch’ to start watching your shows.

You can watch shows on your Mac or iOS device by visiting your Apple iTunes account.

The show titles will appear in a new tab in your Apple library.10.

If you want to save your favourite shows for later, simply right-click and select the ‘Save to iTunes’ button.

If your favourite show is not available in the app, you can still watch it on your TV by searching for it.11.

If it doesn’t appear in the list of shows, you may have to wait a little longer.

Apple recommends waiting 30 minutes for shows to appear in your library.

To find out how long it takes to find your favourite TV shows, click here.12.

For more on Apple’s TV streaming service, click on ‘How to use Apple TV’.