Overbrook Entertainment is in talks with a few local developers for an outdoor theater and retail development in Overbrook.

The developers, which include two Chicago businesses, are working with the city to find the funding to buy the land and make it possible to develop the theater and other retail space.

Overbrook officials said in a statement that they are interested in using the Overbrook development as an “active hub” for the arts community and that the developer is looking to expand to other areas of the city in the coming years.

Overgrown Entertainment, which has been working with local developers to develop its downtown Overbrook Theater project for more than a year, is planning to offer theater space in the proposed development, with plans to open early next year.

Overgrow Entertainment is partnering with developer Avanti Entertainment to create an outdoor outdoor theater for Overbrook, which is currently under construction at 1450 W. Fulton St. The theater, which would be located in a building at the corner of Fulton and Lake streets, would feature a large screen, a projection screen and an outdoor stage, according to a promotional video for the project.

It would feature two stages, with a total capacity of up to 40,000 people.

The video says Overbrook residents would be able to see the projected audience figures at night.

“We have the capacity to host up to 50,000 patrons for this project, and over the course of time Overbrook is expected to become a hub for the entertainment industry, with more than 60 entertainment-related businesses,” the video states.

“The Overbrook project will feature a variety of outdoor events throughout the year, including a live music festival, a community festival, food trucks and more.

We hope to create a unique and dynamic space for Overbrocks entertainment and community.”

Overbrook’s development would be an addition to the development at 1550 W Monroe St. over the past few years, when Overbrook was added to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Downtown Development Authority.

Overbrock’s development is located at the intersection of Lake and Fulton streets, about a block south of Overbrook Arts District.

Over Brook was the first development in the development district in 2017.

The Overbrook Development Authority and Overbrook Public Schools are currently developing the Over Brook Arts District as part of the downtown Over Brook redevelopment plan.

The district has been in the planning phase since 2013.

“As a part of our revitalization plan, Overbrook has been recognized by the city as one of the most innovative and vibrant arts districts in the city, with over 40% of our neighborhood’s population residing in the district,” the development authority said in its statement.

The redevelopment is expected take at least 10 years to complete.

Overgrowth Entertainment is a company with two locations in Chicago.

OverBrock Entertainment is located in Overbroke, a city park that is a popular neighborhood gathering spot.

The company has offices in Chicago and St. Louis.

The city also owns the land over Fulton Street and Fulton and Monroe Streets, which are currently owned by the Chicago Housing Authority.