Amazon will build a $3.5 billion video production and distribution center in Michigan, an Amazon spokesman said Thursday.

The facility will be built in Kalamazoo, near the northern border with Canada, where Amazon’s video streaming service has been expanding rapidly in recent years.

The center, known as the Great East Entertainment Center, will have 1,000 jobs, and the company has signed an agreement to buy the land for the project, said a person familiar with the plans.

Amazon’s Great Lakes expansion, which has been touted by Amazon executives and local officials, is aimed at making it easier for the company to expand its streaming service.

The company has been working with local governments to build and maintain video production facilities in the region for several years, and recently opened an outdoor production facility on Lake Huron.

Amazon also has plans to build a video center on the Lake Erie shore, a project that is in the works.

A third, larger video center will be located on the U.S.-Canadian border.

The new center will have about 1,200 employees and will include two stages, according to the company.

The land on the Great Lake, which is about a quarter of a mile south of the border, has been owned by the state of Michigan since 2007, according the Great Northern State Development Corporation.

Michigan has a population of about 5.6 million, according census data.

The state has been seeking federal funding for a new video production center, which would be located in the same area, according a person with knowledge of the matter.

Amazon has been moving into the video space as it expands into other areas.

Last year, the company announced a plan to build more than 10,000 video production rooms across the U .


The video space has grown rapidly in the last decade, with Amazon expanding its video offerings in the video delivery market, a video delivery service that can be used for packages of groceries, coffee, milk and other goods, according one of the people familiar with Amazon’s plans.

It also operates video distribution hubs in Seattle and Austin, Texas.

Amazon is also considering a video production hub on the Mississippi River, said the person familiar.

Amazon had no immediate comment on this report.

Amazon, which made the announcement Wednesday, did not name the city in which the new facility will sit.

The Great Lakes region is home to the largest Amazon warehouse in the U