As Netflix and Amazon move in tandem, they have each raised millions of dollars to help fund new business models for their streaming services, but they’re all going to have to work very hard to keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing media landscape. 

In an effort to get ahead of the curve and create a better streaming experience, Starz has released a new streaming platform called “entourism tonight.”

The company’s plan is to provide a variety of options to its audience for the first time, and it’s doing it with a new approach. 

The new platform lets people stream content they’d otherwise buy, with prices ranging from $5 to $20 a month.

But the main attraction of the service is that it lets subscribers choose to purchase a wide range of streaming content, with a handful of major streaming service partners providing a curated list of top-rated titles, and the company is offering a new subscription service called Starz Cinema to get the full picture of what’s available. 

“This is the first platform that we’ve made for people to stream content that they might not normally be able to afford,” Starz CEO John Sawers told Recode.

“We want to make sure that we’re creating a marketplace where people are buying a wide variety of content.”

The company’s new streaming service, dubbed “entourage tonight,” lets people pay $5 a month for unlimited access to a wide assortment of movies and TV shows.

But unlike Netflix, StarZ has partnered with Hulu Plus, a streaming video service owned by Time Warner.

The two companies have partnered on a number of features, including offering exclusive discounts on the Hulu Plus streaming service for customers, and a feature that lets subscribers purchase content from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, in addition to their current pay TV subscription. 

Starz is hoping that the entertainment tonight offering will help it to differentiate itself from its competitors, and that the service will be a great way to attract subscribers. 

If it succeeds, Starzy could have a massive impact on the industry. 

Currently, the biggest streaming services in the world are all owned by Disney, which is still the leader in terms of revenue, but the companies have been trying to diversify their offerings in recent years.

The most recent effort, Starzone, was launched last year, and now it’s the second biggest streaming service after Netflix, with nearly a third of all its revenues coming from outside of the US. 

That strategy has had some success, with Netflix having a 33% share of all U.S. TV viewership in 2019, according to comScore.

But it’s still not clear if Starz can continue to build up its subscriber base as it did with its first foray into streaming, with Disney’s movies, TV shows and movies on demand (MOVIE ONLINE) service. 

But it’s clear that the company has an advantage in its new strategy, and its new streaming model is a key reason why. 

Cable channels are losing subscribers, and streaming video services are starting to gain them.

In a 2017 report, comScore said that cord-cutters were losing $7.3 billion worth of TV viewing in 2019 alone, which included an additional $3.2 billion in streaming revenue.

In addition, the number of households that are paying for a streaming service is growing, with the average household spending $4.56 a month on a streaming device in 2019. 

What makes the company’s streaming service so different from its rivals is that instead of buying movies from a catalogue of major studios, subscribers get their programming from independent producers, like Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Netflix.

The latter three of which are owned by Amazon, and Starz, by Time, have the resources to compete on price. 

According to the comScore report, Amazon Prime was the biggest revenue generator for the three services last year. 

For Starz , it’s also about making sure it can be more competitive than its competitors.

The company is already doing that by offering its own movie streaming service called Cinema, and by launching an entertainment Tonight service, which will offer movies for free, but then has the option to buy content from other partners, like Netflix and Hulu Plus. 

Even though Starz’s service is still in its infancy, the company says that it’s already making money. 

As of today, the streaming platform has made $1.6 billion in revenue, and with the new $5 per month price, that’s $4 million a month in revenue.

And according to Sawers, the service has already added 50,000 subscribers.

Starz expects to see that number grow to about 300,000 people a month by the end of the year.

But while it’s starting to see positive results, the problem remains: the business model is still being built. 

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