The New Bookcase in Your New Home is a unique project from a real estate developer.

The project uses the same concept as a bookcase, except instead of storing books in a specific location, it is designed to be attached to the wall in the shape of a book, and has a book shelf inside.

The bookcase is constructed of stainless steel, and features an interior that looks similar to the one on a bookcases.

A built-in display allows you to display books and other items, and it comes with a sliding shelf.

The $15,000 project is one of the cheapest bookshelves available on Amazon, and the company plans to sell it for $12,000, and also has plans to install a coffee maker inside the bookcase.

The only drawback is that it won’t support all of the current features of the Samsung Galaxy S5, including the TouchWiz interface, and there’s no word on when it might be available.

The design is a pretty solid design, and we don’t have a whole lot of questions about the bookcases functionality yet, but it would be cool to have one for every home in your neighborhood.