Star Wars fans will have plenty of Star Wars content available on the Disney Channel.

Star Wars Rebels will be available on Disney Channel, along with Star Wars Legends.

And for fans of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, there will be plenty of movies, including the new Star Wars series.

Disney is also debuting a new Disney-branded movie channel that will debut in 2018.

But for the Star Trek fans who were hoping to see a return to the original Star Trek series, they may not be getting a chance.

The new Star Trek channel, which is currently in development, will be an all-new version of the classic series that will focus on the Federation.

The Star Trek franchise has long been a staple of the Disney XD network, with several seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation airing every Tuesday.

But now, Disney is bringing back a few Star Trek movies to their channel.

The new StarTrekMovie channel, with its own spin on the classic show, will premiere in 2018, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And it will be the first new Star Treks in six years.

But the StarTreks will be different.

They will be about the Federation, which will feature a Starfleet officer named Spock.

And while the original series never had a new Enterprise, new Star Tours and new StarWars films have introduced new species to the series, and they have also introduced new characters and settings to the universe.

Star Trek: Beyond, which debuted in 2019, will follow a group of space travelers that travel into the unexplored frontier of the Federation and eventually meet up with Captain Kirk and Spock.

The movie will star Tom Hiddleston and Michelle Yeoh, who are both reprising their roles.

The sequel to Star Trek Beyond will debut next year.

StarTrekNext will be a new channel, focused on the new film franchise Star Trek.

And StarTrekerNext will air on Disney XD, which was acquired by Disney in 2017.